Clench Teeth Sleep Can Have Devistating Impact

Bruxism Can Occur Asleep or Awake

Bruxism involves any kind of powerful contact between your teeth it might be quiet and clenching or noisy grating. The majority of us might not be conscious of this as it can be happening during the night throughout sleep hours. Despite the fact that Bruxism can happen throughout day occasions with the person not being aware of their grinding habit. It is important for them to learn how to stop grinding, before it is too late.

Juvenile Bruxism May Not Be Serious 

Youngsters are also vulnerable to daytime teeth grinding and  jaw clenching especially sleep bruxism. Children could also develop bruxism but many doctors believe this to be a natural part of growing up and don’t consider it too serious, unlike adult Bruxism.

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How do I stop clenching my teeth at night?

Question: My Dentist has given me a guard to ptotect my teeth, but I’m just clenching around the guard putting lots of stress on my jaw. I attempt to relax before I fall asleep, however I awaken each morning finding myself clenching my jaw despite the guard and my jaw suffers a great deal strain. Any tips about the way i can stop?

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Answer: Before sleeping massage the ear area having a warm wet towel for around 10 minutes particularly the lower jaw joint area. This can relax the muscles and you’ll feel far better each morning whenever you awaken.

The guard is necessary because it may prevent the teeth from grinding against one another.

Answer By: Dr Akhil