Cosmetic Dental Work For Chipped Teeth

6) Having porcelain veneers applied to your teeth is a relatively quick process. It used to be that the only option to correct crooked or spaced teeth was through orthodontics, which could take months, or even years. Now, with porcelain veneers, crooked and chipped teeth can be corrected in just a few visits to your cosmetic dentist.

4) Porcelain veneers can conceal flawed teeth. It used to be that if your had cracked or chipped teeth, you simply had to live with those imperfections. But you don’t have to hide your smile anymore. Porcelain veneers can correct these flaws and give you something to smile about.

Removal of the cemented brackets can also be painful. The cement must be chipped and scraped off which can cause severe pain in patients with sensitive teeth. Often molar bands have been installed for an extended period of time and they may be embedded in the gums at the time of removal.

Tooth abscess can be prevented from happening by keeping the teeth healthy. The simple reduction of sugar intake from food and drinks can help curb the formation of cavities. Regular brushing of twice daily is also crucial. To strengthen the teeth, toothpaste containing fluoride must be used and not rinsed away after brushing. Most important of all, regular visits to the dentist should be carried out so that the health and condition of the teeth can be monitored. In cases of tooth abscess when broken or chipped tooth is the culprit, the immediate visit to the dentist at the time of accident could have saved the tooth from becoming infected.

Chipped Tooth (Original)

Chipped Tooth (Original)

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