DENTEK Night Guard


This package includes 2 Custom Comfort Nightguards!Splint Jaw pain Custom nightguardChances are youre really familiar with those words if you suffer from bruxism, that anxiety-induced nighttime clenching and grinding of the teeth. Even though theyre made of the hardest material the body can produce, your teeth need to be protected from each other to prevent cracking, wearing, and breaking while you bite and clench. DenTeks nightguards give you the quality, custom-fit protection you need.STORAGE AND MAINTENANCEProper care of your Dentek Nightguard will extend its life. * After each use, rinse the dental protector in cool water or mouthwash. Never use hot water on your dental protector as it might lose its shape. * Store in the hygienic storage container when not in use.

Current Price: $ 24.99