Grind My Teeth A Real Pain

Bruxism (teeth grinding) – this only transpires with me after i stay up through the night after which take adderall, keeping myself awake. I grind my teeth and push lower very hard without recognizing it when i am on virtually no sleep as well as on adderall.

Doctor’S Nightguard Advanced Comfort, 1 Box

Doctor'S Nightguard Advanced Comfort, 1 Box

The Doctor‘s NightGuard dental protector is a simple affordable solution for protecting your teeth from the detrimental effects of nighttime teeth grinding and bruxism. It consists of a moldable plastic mouth guard that comfortably fits over your upper teeth. The Doctor‘s NightGuard provides similar protection as dentists’ night guards. The patented design creates a cushion between the upper and lower teeth that absorbs the force of grinding. Comfort & Protection Guaranteed.

  • Designed by a dentist for protection & comfort
  • Custom fit by you for your convenience
  • Patented 2 layer design: Soft Upper Layer to cushion & absorb, Firm Lower Layer prevents grinding & bite through
  • Storage case included

List Price: $ 30.59

Current Price: $ 10.99