Grinding Teeth Signs And Symptoms You Should Know

What does this say about my mental state?

Question: I’ve this strange problem with touching card board and hearing the dry-rough seem it can make whenever you rub it together. I personally don’t like the seem! also it makes me grind my teeth, cover my ears for any couple of seconds or minutes. People think Im crazy however i just cant go near it. Also, noisy squeeky noises. I cant stand when teens squeek their gymshoes on the ground it drives me do i prevent disturbing me a lot?

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Answer: It might be something normal (nobody likes the squeaking noise of running sneakers on gym flooring) but perhaps you have investigated Physical Processing Disorder (SPD)? Individuals with this have a multitude of symptom however, many are gone-responisve (or under-responsive) to sounds, sights, tastes or smells. It appears in my experience that you simply might be over-attentive to the design of card board and certain sounds.

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