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How do I prepare my mouth to open wide for a root canal if I have TMJ?

Question: My dental professional stated he can’t really treat me for TMJ until other dental jobs are complete. I’ve 2 root canal, 2 teeth fillings which are getting changed because of me clenching my teeth, and 1 filling to include. I Quickly could possibly get treated :/ which sucks since i don’t have any discomfort however the popping is extremely nerve destroying .

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Answer: Your dental professional is wrong. TMJ may be treatable anytime and all sorts of dental work doesn’t have to become completed before treatment can begin. If all of your dental professional can do is suit you having a splint (also known as mouthguard) and little else, then you might want to find another dental professional nobody understands how to treat TMJ. Many dental practitioners who can just learn just a little about TMJ and just how it’s treated will require a shotgun approach making a mouthguard for that patient to put on and mix his/her fingers that it’ll work being unsure of what else to complete after that if that doesn’t work.

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