Nasivent Anti Snoring and Sleep Apnea Aid – Single Size 2 Pack

Nasivent Anti Snoring and Sleep Apnea Aid - Single Size 2 Pack

Why the NASIVENT Tube®? In three quarters (3/4) of all cases, Snoring and Sleep Apnea is caused by the entrance to the nose being blocked or too narrow. This appears when the muscles of the nostrils and face starts to weaken. The NASIVENT Tube® helps the group of people whose snoring and Sleep apnea is caused by a nasal blockage, this is happen in (75%-80% in all cases) Once inserted, the soft silicone pipes adapts the shape of the nose without distort or pressure and this makes breathing through the nose easier for the patient. This conducts that sleeping while lying on your side, combined with breathing through the nose, is given a considerable boost in breathing and oxygen absorption. Snoring may stop completely or is greatly reduced, due to the fact that sleeping on the back will be avoid. The tongue and soft tissue can’t block the Trachea (wind pipe) any more. Unlike that, breathing through the nose with the tongue against the palate creating a seal with the throat, no sound occurs. Snoring and Sleep Apnea will reduce or stop complete. Tested and recommended by many E.N.T. doctors. -1- MD. Med. Mathias Riemann; ENT logopedics. -2- MD. Dieter Rieman, ENT logopedics. -3- MD. Th. Mandelkow -4- G. Salz ENT. MD. Uli Hendrich ENT. -5- MD. André Passerino, University of Strasbourg. -6- MD. Med. Rüdiger Welb. ENT -7- MD. Med. Thomas Kämmerer. ENT -8- MD. Med. Guido Hoffmann -9-Dr. Med. Klaus Filipponi, ENT doctor, plastic surgery. -10- MD. Med. Maritta Spiegelberg, leading, ENT Department, MU. Hospital -11- MD. Med. Uwe Pommerich, ENT and allergology. -12- MD. Med. Gerhard Flemming, ENT and logopedics. [Int.Patent& design protection] [Copyright]

  • Non Irritating NOSE DILATOR made from Soft Medical Silicone for stiffen the nose wall. (FDA approved OTC- E.T.N. tested and advised.) No hard plastic toxic plasticizers or colors added.
  • Comfortable and E.T.N. tested and advised. Does not hurt or irritate the Nasal mucosa by laying with face sideway. Stops dry mouth instantly. No side effects by long use.
  • Allows you to Sleep on your Side without feeling it, while Breathing FREE through the Nose. Stops harmful Mouth-Breathing by solving nose occlusion. No side effects by long use.
  • Personal fit. No irritating pressure inside the Nasal mucosa due to pesinal size. No occlusion or irritation by face sideway on the pillow. Optimal comfort.
  • SLEEP APNEA or not? Check out the new disposable “NasiVent Sleep Apnea Home Test”. just type in “NasiVent test” in the search area in “””AMAZON.COM”””

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