The Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE solves a lot of problems that accompany available OTC night guards today.

Gagging is non-existent, it stays in place nicely, a more important feature to recognize is that it doesn’t cause many problems and symptoms that other guards can cause.

The Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE is an excellent replacement for custom made TMJ Splints made at the dental office. It doesn’t allow your back teeth to touch, so it also protects your teeth from the affects of grinding. So, if you’re a grinder, a headache sufferer, Ringing in the ears, or a TMJ sufferer, the Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE can reduce all of those symptoms.

The surprising symptom that this guard reduces, is the tension headache. It seems that the most common symptom relieved as much as jaw pain, is the tension headache.

  • Patented Gag Free design with FDA Approved materials. If you are 5′ 6′ or taller, the SmartGuard Elite may work better for you.
  • This design has the highest possibility to Reduce symptoms of clenching and grinding.
  • Designed by a TMJ Dentist. This design also works with people with dentures!
  • Protects the teeth from the affects of teeth grinding. Reduces TMJ symptoms caused by night time clenching and grinding.
  • Purchase the SmartGuard Combo Kit to try both the SmartGuard Original AND the SmartGuard Elite night guards for a discount.


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