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Could I wear a protective metal jaw brace instead of mouthguard?

Question: Basically had one customized, it might be much more safe than individuals wimpy mouth pads which could still break the teeth when you put on them. Yes, it is unorthodox but, you simply get 1 group of adult teeth. Don’t criticize the concept, It can work. I would simply not have the ability to enter into as numerous competitions. It may be just a little heavy also. But on top of that I possibly could totally be indestructible using the confidence of knowing I won’t have my teeth damaged.

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Answer: No that’s not just like a properly fitted mouthguard. The mouthguard functions by fitting the teeth together wit a power absorbent material and stopping sideways movement from the jaw. Clenching the mouth stopping dislocation keeps muscle round the jaw hinge tight stopping dislocation. I’ve come across full mind gear that may wok stopping a blow towards the jaw nevertheless the person putting on it live training beside me didn’t have mouthguard and chipped a tooth.OOps!

He wears a mouthguard now and mind gear throughout practice.

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Dental Hygiene Preferred Complete Day/Night Mouth Guard Kit, Colors may vary

Dental Hygiene Preferred Complete  Day/Night Mouth Guard Kit, Colors may vary

As a Registered Dental Hygienist, this is the same model night guard I wear and recommend to my patients! Excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth can be extremely damaging. Premature failure of dental restorations, breakage of teeth and gum line recession are common problems associated with the grinding/clenching habit known as bruxism. In our dental practice we make custom fitted guards that sell for hundreds of dollars but we offer these as an alternative when cost is a concern. After trying dozens of OTC (over the counter) mouth guard models these have proven to be the best fitting most comfortable day/night brux/clench/grind guard. These will double as a sports mouth guard but are intended to be used as a protective device for people who grind and clench their teeth and are wanting a better more comfortable fit than a sports mouth guard can offer.

  • With Best Fit Day Night Complete Mouth Guard Kit You Get
  • 2 Size Dental Hygiene Preferred Guards for an Excellent Fit Regardless of Mouth Size
  • Also Includes a Professional Vented Case Plus Easy Fit and Care Instructions
  • Just Boil & Bite! Fits Men and Women Large and Small 12 Years and Older
  • Plus a 100% Comfort Fit Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

List Price: $ 19.95

Current Price: $ 21.95