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Can Teeth Clenching Cause Headaches?

Question: Six several weeks ago, I began getting headaches and mind discomfort. The discomfort originates from the rear of my mind and radiates into my temple. It’s a pressure/aching feeling. I in addition have a left on the sides stiff neck. The headache can there be daily.

The worst part is the fact that after i cough/sneeze/strain the headache becomes much worse, seems like my mind will explode for any couple of minutes until returning to normalcy.

I’ve had a brain MRI that was negative and visited several neurologists and neuro surgeons and every one of them would like to put me on meds without discovering the reason for my discomfort. I’m more concerned about the reason for my discomfort compared to discomfort itself.

I actually do have teeth clenching/TMJ but I’m not sure if that’s related. Any help?

” – by ” nobodygal2006

Answer: TMJ could certainly worsen it.

In my experience it may sound much like your neck is spasming – and leading to stress head aches.

Answer By: shrty0525