Treating Teeth Grinding – A Different Approach

Why NOT To Use Mouth Guards

There is a train of thought that bruxism and TMJ are not treatable and therefore the best way forward is to treat the symptoms, most commonly by the wearing of a mouth guard which stops teeth from rubbing off each other.

In  other words for as long as you rub teeth, you must wear a mouth guard, and there is no incentive to find a method of reducing the grinding issue, or try consciously to treat the cause of the condition.

If you think about it like this, if you are not careful you’re still grinding in your mouthguard nightlyeventually the mouth guard become worn-off to the stage where you will need to buy a different one. This in theory could last a lifetime!!  Depending on the route you go mouth guards may be costly and uncomfortable, and merely a total waste of your time and effort.!

Physical and Medical Exercises are Best

Those who prefer a more holistic approach to the problem, some program of exercises, natural items, and habitsPeople who have found this method successful report that you can have a permanent cure / resolution in a relatively short time, usually report as three to four weeksThe focus is on physical exercises for the mouth and jaw areas (methods can differ slightly) retraining the mouth and jaw to act differently at nightIt is CERTAINLY worth trying as its potentially a permanent solution, and if it doesn’t work, the more traditional approach can still be used.

It can save you time, money, as well as your smile.

TMJ No More

This is an example of the successful holistic approach. You can google the authors name and you see many people with positive outcomes after following the program (i.e. Sandra Carter TMJ) .  Sure, there will be some people (those not wanting to try an holistic method, who will deride the ideas in the ebook, but then they haven’t tried them.

“I’ve used your program for slightly over 12 days now, and the results are phenomenal. I sleep soundly, my tinnitus has decreased to a manageable level, and the facial/jaw pain and headaches have vanished!” Wendy Marzetta (Oregon, USA)

There is a full review of the TMJ No More eBOOK Here

Final Thoughts on Holistic Programs

Holistic therapy refers to a school therapy that attempts to address an individual as a whole personThe goal of a holistic approach is to balance all the different aspects of the person, so the entire person is addressed in treatment and not just one aspect of the person.

Critics of the approach will say that it is hard to define the results (as they’re all individualand that some of the science is too soft without enough evidence of success.

However, when you follow a specific program (as above) then you CAN clearly identify if you have made any progress towards your cure, or at least if your symptoms have improved.