Teeth Grinding and its Particular Dangers

[written by: Danny]

Restless Sleep is a Sign Of Tooth Grinding

Perhaps you have woken up and felt your teeth hurt and your sleep had not been comfortable whatsoever? If the solution is yes, you could have experienced a phenomenon called teeth grinding, or medically referred to as bruxism.

The habit of grinding your teeth happens while asleep during the night of course, if this step occurs often, it could damage your health, especially your teeth, gums and disrupt your sleep patterns.

Teeth are covered by a layer of enamel. During the process associated with grinding and clenching, this layer can be removed along with the teeth becoming increasingly porous and sensitive. The type of toothache that can occur because of this can be extreme as the enamel can be worn away before a problem is detected.

When are you certain that you are grinding teeth?

Can you believe that you could be a victim with this harmful habit? Well you can, anyone can, so you should always make sure you have regular check-ups with the Dentist who will know the signs. He can inspect your enamel layer and your tooth sensitivity. He will know all the features that are markers for bruxism.

There are many factors that could influence the progress of the bruxism. Some of the more common reasons idetified for teeth grinding are:

  • living a stressful ife
  • if you are a moderate to heavy smoker
  • if you habitually drink coffee before going to bed
  • if you drink excessive alchol beofre going to bed
  • sleeping in unual posture putting your jaw into an unnatural position

There are people that do not recognise that they grind their teeth, because every one of the action happens throughout the night. Waking up each day with terrible headaches can be quite a sign to confirm which you are afflicted by bruxism. In the majority of cases, whenever a couple sleep together, the loved one is the individual that recognizes that another has that problem.

Should you worry if you grind the teeth?

Yes!  You need to worry if the teeth are very sensitive, especially by consuming fruits and other aliments that contains acid. The sensitivity is the possible first sign of a condition which leads to teeth loss. Fortunately, this affection is treatable. There are ways to stop grinding teeth. When the habit is known, the road to recovery can start.

In many cases, just changing your position in the sleep or avoid every day coffee could have spectacular results. If you reside a stressful life, ask a medical expert for advice and even medication to cut back the amount of stress. Avoiding the alcohol and stopping chewing the pens and pencils probably have a positive result.

In the event the problem persists, consultation by your Dentist is critical. There is the option of using a plastic molded ‘mouth guard’ that don’t enable your teeth get in touch.

However children are different. It should be noted that investigations have demonstrated that teeth grinding or bruxism is a normally occurring  thing among children and in not to be of concern.  It seems to be a part of the natural development of teeth in children.

Realise you have a problem, face it, do what you have to do, and before  long, with the right treatments, the pain will be better and you’ll live an ordinary life again. Before too long wake up each morning with terrible aches will become only a ancient memory.