Tips to Reduce Bruxism

Any problem, including teeth grinding, needs to be given treatment using its origin. In numerous patients, controlling bruxism points towards altering lifestyle that encourages it.

Following are some guidelines you could possibly find useful if you want to learn to stop grinding teeth in sleep.

Decreasing Mental Tension

These days there are numerous methods available which teach how to lessen mental strain. Theyre meditation, yoga, relaxation, and the like. Learn a lot of them that you simply find basic and likeable and do unfailingly. Get the advice of your respective doctor regarding the appropriate stress lowering technique well suited for you.

Decreasing Alcohol and Caffeine

Excitants including alcohol and caffeine are been shown to be connected to sleep disturbances. Reduce their use to minimum and refrain from getting addicted. Many people who grind their teeth will only do so after theyve been drinking!

Reducing Physical Tension

You must also decrease the physical force on joints of your jaws. To accomplish this, while sleeping, have a very warm cloth in the jaw joints (located in front of  your ears). The warmth of the cloth will soften the jaw muscles and joints. If you find this is enough on its own, good.  However tension like this may need other manipulation, so also consider massage techniques and aromatherapy as possible aids.

Watching Your Diet

Deficiency of a vitamin may cause muscle cramp in addition to motor activity. Grinding of teeth may be rectified by a diet rich in pantothenic acid and calcium.

Examine Your Medicines

Bruxism can also be the result of a specific drug as a complication. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist regarding if your medication you take has possible adverse effect of bruxism.

Dental Examination

Its an obvious but important thing to say visit your dentist.  However, if you discover teeth cracked with no apparent cause, check if you grind teeth and get a treatment correctly immediately.

Also consider your dentist for examinations if you have any treatment that may require adjusting to prevent damage and reduce tension on the jaw bone, e.g. you could have ill fitting braces etc..


A custom-fit mouth-guard or night-guard can guard the teeth from grinding in fact it is fine for you when you wear it when youre asleep. Takes a little getting used to, but it worksThere are a wide variety of choices, (for example on Amazon) you will find one that suits you

Stay Away from Chewing Gums

Eliminate the habit of chewing gums or other habits (e.g. chewing tobacco) that encourage chewing motions, and potential damage to your teethIf you discover teeth cracked with no apparent cause, check if you grind teeth and get a treatment correctly instantly before more damage occurs.

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