What Can Cause Sleep Bruxism And How A Mouth Guard Might Help!

Severe Pressure on Your Teeth

Whenever you grind/clench the teeth you will get 600-800 pounds per sq . inch. This quantity of pressure may cause muscle discomfort, jaw joint discomfort, ear discomfort, tooth discomfort, in addition to tooth mobility and sensitivity, Many people with bruxism subconsciously clench their teeth together throughout your day, frequently once they feel anxious or tense. This differs from tooth grinding or clenching that happens during the night, that is known as sleep bruxism.

Many instances of bruxism are mild and could never require treatment. Periodic bruxism might not be dangerous however when it happens regularly, it might be connected with moderate to severe dental damage, facial discomfort, and disturbed sleep. Regrettably, individuals with sleep bruxism usually are not aware from the habit, so that they aren’t identified using the condition until complications occur.

Problems Can Be Worse For Women

Teeth grinding can establish some severe conditions, particularly in women since the average woman’s jaw is less strong. The typical guy who clenches or grinds his teeth during the night, known as sleep bruxism, or clenches them within the day, destroys his teeth and putting on them lower.

Stop Grinding Mouthpiece Bruxism Sleep Aid Teeth Mouth Guard

Stop Grinding Mouthpiece Bruxism Sleep Aid Teeth Mouth Guard
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Are you clenching and grinding constantly at night? Is it causing you to wake up throughout the night and never getting the rest you deserve? The simplest and most effective solution for teeth grinding and clenching is BioGrindTM, a custom molded anti teeth grinding mouthpiece. BioGrindTM is a simple yet effective device designed to help prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching when you’re asleep. When you grind and clench, you put tremendous stress on your teeth and jaw. This builds up stress causing morning headaches and jaw soreness. BioGrindTM creates a soft layer between the teeth and cushions the teeth. BioGrindTM also features an opening in the front between the lips that allows you to breathe naturally and more relaxed. Dentists offer similar mouthpieces at $600+ that does the same trick. This is an alternative solution that won’t cost you a fortune. Many use this as a trial to see if they’re comfortable with the idea but 9/10 customers end up preferring this over the $600+ mouthpiece, regardless of the price. The mouthpiece is custom made at home to ensure a comfortable and lasting fit. Simple step-by-step instructions and a travel case are included.

  • Prevents your teeth from grinding and clenching when you’re asleep
  • Sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Easy step-by-step molding instructions & durable travel case included
  • Recommended by doctors and dentists
  • Similar to the $600+ custom mouthpieces from your dentist

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