How do I know if have TMJ?

Question: I visited the dental surgeon yesterday since i was getting discomfort regarded as from my knowledge teeth. He required a breathtaking X-ray and my knowledge teeth haven’t even increased roots yet or moved since i have saw him this past year. He stated I would be clenching my teeth throughout your day after i saw him this past year. I make certain throughout your day I do not clench. I’d my braces removed in May. But a few several weeks before which i began getting discomfort. Could I’ve TMJ, I heard braces might cause TMJ.

Please could someone produce top tips or some kind of answer, I have to understand what the discomfort is originating from. I am afraid it may be TMJ. The discomfort is originating from mostly my upper and bottom jaw around the left side.

” – by ” Christina

Answer: You say you don’t clench throughout day, how about during the night? How exactly does jaw feels after waking? It is sometimes complicated to prevent clenching even throughout day.

Try Ibuprofen and acetaminophen, individually on the couple of days, see which fits best.

Plain generic, non-brand is just like costly brands. better in some instances as you do not need the additional elements.

Answer By: AJ



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